Morning car duty in the mountains of North Carolina can get very  cold.  These teachers and principal do outside car duty every morning.  As the weather gets colder they were getting desperate to keep warm.  Mrs. Guyer’s mom saw these onesies and thought it would be an added lift for children and keep the teachers warm. This week the teachers are a bunch of wild animals.  After seeing how cheerful the students were as teachers met them at their cars with a big hello and the sight of an interesting outfit they decided they needed to do a different theme each month.  So they started a gofundme account.   Teachers would like to be able to do a different theme for each month.

November- Animals (which they already have)

December- Christmas

January- Snowmen

Febuary- Super heros

March- Fairy Tales

April- book characters

5 months of characters= $100 a monthx 5 months



If you are interested in donating to our project go to

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Jill Mann     Valerie Guyer     Lindsay Moore     Kendra Kirkpatrick

Principal      Media Specialist    Counselor          Music teacher



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