If you are interested in the Battle of the books team see Mrs. Guyer 


Extra Credit                                                           Andrew Clements

Soft Rain                                                                Cornelia Cornelissen

Kenny & the Dragon                                           Tony DiTerlizzi

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library            Chris Grabenstein

Among the Hidden                                              Margaret Peterson Haddix

Turtle in Paradise                                                Jennifer L. Holm

Blue                                                                        Joyce Moyer Hostetter

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon            Grace Lin

Rules                                                                     Cynthia Lord

The Candymakers                                               Wendy Mass

Wish                                                                      Barbara O’Connor

Hatchet                                                                 Gary Paulsen

Pax                                                                        Sara Pennypacker

The Hero Two Doors Down                              Sharon Robinson

Walls Within Walls                                            Maureen Sherry


Guide to downloading North Canton eBooks

  1. First download these two apps on your device:  Destiny Quest Mobile app and Brytewave K-12 reader.
  2. To activate the Destiny Quest Mobile app, you will need to login enter the Library URL:  destiny.haywood.k12.nc.us
  3. Choose North Canton Elementary School
  4. Enter in your username and password used for Computer log in
  5. To find eBooks, click on Follettshelf
  6. In order to read your eBook, you can read it directly if you have a wifi connection.  Click on “Open Book”.  If you don’t have a wifi connection, you have to use Brytewave reader.  Use your Novell login and then enter the FollettShelf URL:  wbb45947.follettshelf.com (click the button to “stay logged in”.

Contact Us

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  • Jill Mann, Principal
  • 60 Thompson Street Canton, NC 28716
  • 828.646.3444
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