Hello! I am excited to be North Canton Elementary’s new School Resource Officer for the 2023-2024 school year. My name and title is Deputy Michael Elkins, AKA “Officer Mickey”. I have been a Haywood County Resident the majority of my life. I joined the NC Army National Guard in April 2010 and served 12 years where I deployed to multiple locations and served North Carolina during natural disasters or other national events when called. I have been in law enforcement, faithfully serving the citizens of Haywood County, since returning from Afghanistan for almost 10 years now. I am in the point of my career where I get to serve the children of the parents I grew up and attended school with years ago. I have a daughter at North Canton in third grade. I am excited to build relationships with the children, parents, and staff and be a positive role model of their needs and expectations with a law enforcement presence.

I have attended many training classes and seminars. My qualifications consist of School Resource Officer Certificate, ASIST Certificate, CPR, D.A.R.E. Instructor, Field Training Officer, First-Call Certificate, and Crime Scene Investigations and Processing.

Favorite likes, hobbies, interests of mine. Well to be honest I am still a kid at heart so here is a list:

  • Food: Pizza and Cheeseburgers
  • Store: GameStop, Walmart
  • Hobby: Hiking, Fishing, exploring to find fossils, artifacts and gemstones
  • Color: Orange and Black
  • Drink: Chocolate Milk and Sweet Tea
  • Season: Fall/Autumn
  • Subject: Math and History

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August 14, 2024
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August 16, 2024
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August 19, 2024
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September 2, 2024
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November 11, 2024
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November 29, 2024
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December 23, 2024
HCS - Annual Leave Day
December 24, 2024
HCS - Annual Leave Day
December 25, 2024
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